Mr. Sourav Mondal

Mr Sourav Mondal, came to the TEI of Western Greece for 20 Months 2015-17 as an Erasmus Mundus grantee from West Bengal university of technology, Kolkata, India

He was registered in the MSc in the Renewable Energy Systems, and based on his progress and records he was given a year`s extension to his grant to finish the M.Sc on RES. His Thesis Project is titled as “Improved techniques to convert existing buildings into ZEB taking into consideration climate and comfort: case study for London and Kolkata”.

Mr. S. Mondal was very enthusiastic in his studies and in parallel he joined the research group of Prof. S. Kaplanis and Dr E. Kaplani from the UEA in UK, in a project on “A spatiotemporal universal model for the prediction of global solar radiation based on Fourier harmonics and the site altitude ” to be published during this Summer.

The Erasmus Mundus and the experience he gained boosted his plans towards a PhD in another University in E.U.