Mr. Soumyadipta Dutta

Mr Soumyadipta Dutta, came for the master’s degree to TEI of Western Greece, for 20 months under the Erasmus Mundus Euphrates project.

He was registered in the MSc in the Technologies and Infrastructures for Broadband Applications and Services, and based on his progress and records he was given a 2 months extension to his grant to finish the research work of his M.Sc Thesis which is titled “Comparative study of planning and scheduling algorithms for cloud computing infrastructures with stochastic performance characteristics”.

He was the highest scorer of the department for all the semesters and is very energetic who mixes very well with both the international and the Greek students around in the University. He has also joined the research Lab headed by Prof. Panayiotis Alefragis and is working on the above Thesis to present the subject in a Conference later this summer.

The Erasmus Mundus and the experience he gained boosted his plans towards his employability in EU or in South East Asia. He had future plans of joining the TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LTD, India, with a more challenging role and promotion where he used to work as a Systems engineer before coming for the Masters in Greece.