Mr. Kishore Kumar Sridharan

Mr. Kishore Kumar Sridharan, who came to TEI of Western Greece for 2 years 2014-16 as an Erasmus Mundu grantee from the Hindustan College of Arts and Science, India.

He was registered in the MSc in the Renewable Energy Systems, and was awarded the MSc Degree with the highest score.

He carried out his Thesis Project titled “ Process to Convert an Existing Building into Zero Energy Building (ZEB) in 3 cities, London, Patra and Chennai: Comparative Results”

Mr. K. Sridharan was very enthusiastic in his studies and in parallel he joined the research group of S. Kasplanis and Dr E. Kaplani in a project on “ A Prediction Model for the Hourly Global solar Radiation in any site: Comparison with other existing models” The results are going to be published.

During the 2 years of his studies in the RES Laboratory he was given the opportunity to participate in the International Summer School on RES and Innovations, annually organized by the RES lab. (

He made lots of acquaintances with many other students from European countries. All this experience gained through his Erasmus Mundus adventure boosted his ambition for PhD in US.

Presently, works as Information Developer at Symantec Deloitte & Touche AERS, Chennai.

His talent is Sudoku was internationally acknowledged and made a team of followers while in Greece under the Erasmus Mundus grant.