Mr. Jatin Kumar

Mr. Jatin Kumar, who came to TEI of Western Greece as an Erasmus Mundus grantee from the National Institute of Technology Warangal, India to finish his MSc in the Renewable Energy Systems with Prof. S. Kaplanis as supervisor in his Thesis Project

Mr J. Kumar worked on his Thesis for very interesting project as far as it concerns his region, titled:
PV +Wind+ Biomass Hybrid Grid Tied Systems in Gujarat, India

J. Kumar was integrated with the other Erasmus students and became member of the Erasmus Social Network, ESN. He was welcome to join a research project in the Renewable Energy Systems Laboratory, (, during the period he was a Euphrates Project grantee.

Hence, he joined the research group of Prof. S. Kasplanis and Dr E. Kaplani in a project on “A Universal Model for the Prediction of the Daily Solar Radiation”. The model was published by S.Kaplanis, J. Kumar, E.Kaplani, in a prestigious Journal of high impact factor, the Renewable Energy Journal Vol.91, (2016), pp178-188.

In addition he was given the opportunity to participate in the International Summer School on RES and Innovations, annually organized by the RES lab. (

All the above were a real added value to his career. Now, he is Product Development Manager in ENCON Solar Pvt. Ltd