Mr. AashirwadAjit Mahajan

Mr. AashirwadAjit Mahajan from Pravara University of Medical Science, India, whose local supervisor was ConstantinosKoutsojannis

A scientific paper is published by Mr Aashirwad Mahajan titled Preliminary extent of poor sleep quality and its risk factors in Greek older adults, in the International journal of applied Research, Pg 392-397, Vol.3 issue 4, Part F.

This is to be included in the Research Annals of the TEI of Western Greece for the year 2016-17, with Erasmus Mundus and Euphrates acknowledged.

The TEI of Western Greece following the contract of the Euphrates project in Erasmus Mundus supported the two candidates with full access to the infrastructure, supervision and training.

During their research and training towards PhD both candidates became members of a local network based on the Physiotherapy Department and the Department of Physiology of the University of Patra, Greece and the Day Care Centre of Elderly in Patra.This network served as a catalyzer into making known themselves, develop personal communication with Patra`s scientific community and social partners in the various events that were both invited and participated.

Their integration to the department and the collaboration was such that they were given the opportunity of having an extra training in a Certified Program the Otago Exercise Program to prevent falls in elderly women.Both PhD candidates were given 9 months extension to complete their research and benefit the maximum possible.

Feedback from Mr Aashirwad Mahajan:

The Erasmus Euphrates programme was one of the best opportunities in my life. It was a great learning experience to know about the physiotherapy field in Greece. Also Professor Tsepis and Professor Koutsojannis made all arrangements possible to make the research run smoothly. There were many problems with the research especially the language barrier however, thanks to Ms Marina Theodoritsi and Ms Kalliopi Pouliasi. There were also lot of problems with research equipment. But some alternatives were sought out. Special thanks to Professor Socrates Kaplanis for his cooperation. Overall it was really an amazing period in which we made a lot of friends and had a lot of cultural exchange.