The TEI of Western Greece welcomes the visitors to Euphrates

The TEI of Western Greece welcomes anyone to Euphrates Project 2014-2017 in which the TEI is partner.

The Euphrates project, is an Erasmus Mundus Lot-13 project, no. 2013-2540/001-001-EMA2, coordinated by the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). In fact, it is an educational and training Consortium established on the cooperation principles and targets set by Erasmus Mundus and funded by it. The former TEI of Patra ,now TEI of Western Greece, became member of the Euphrates partnership in 2014.

The TEI of Patra and TEI of Western Greece Institutional coordinator is Prof. Socrates Kaplanis ( while the board for the promotion and successful operation of the Euphrates Project within the TEI included Prof. Voula Georgopoulos ( and Mrs Natassa Anagnostopoulou ( in close cooperation with the International Relation department ( Mr.Ioannis Inglesis,

The TEI of Patra and then TEI of Western Greece, was committed to work towards the achievement of objectives of this project. The University Administration and the Academic staff worked for the success of the mobility schemes planned. All supported the integration of the incoming students, from the Partner Institutions from India, undergraduate, graduate and researchers, into the our Institution`s life. They, all, worked in synergy and enjoyed the same privileges in Learning, in Social Activities, in the everyday life; also, in Health services and had access to all facilities as well as the same opportunities with the local students.

The assessment of the Euphrates project proved that it offered a remarkable experience of integration of people from different cultures where the real EXCHANGE was forged with respect. All Euphrates project students were highly benefitted. In addition, the TEI of Western Greece and the Departments of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physiotherapy and the laboratories which hosted the students from the partner Universities of India were all benefited through the joint efforts in projects and the behavioral osmosis between incoming students and the local ones. It was a clear that young students with discipline and belief to study and research were integrated into the departments activities and delivered a fine piece of educational and research piece of work.

All the above became a reality thanks to Euphrates and the Erasmus Mundus. We are also thankful to all those who contributed quietly to the success of the project, helped a lot the grantees to complete their work and to have a comfortable and fruitful stay in TEI and Greece, in general. Special thanks are expressed to Prof. Voula Georgopoulos who contributed a lot to the success of the Euphrates project in the TEI of Western Greece, as she substituted the Institutional Coordinator and carried out the crucial task of the evaluation and selection of the grantees.

Finally, we would like to express our appreciation and thanks to the Spanish Coordinator of the project and its team for the perfect and constructive collaboration

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Prof. Dr S. Kaplanis


Euphrates Institutional Coordinator

Prof. Dr V. Triantafyllou


President TEI of Western Greece